Board & Dice

"… and here’s where we dispose of the “leftovers”. From here we go into the arena. This isn’t some country setup here. This place may be empty now, but imagine forty thousand fans cheering for blood."

The Board

The game board represents a gladiatorial arena. In this space, you jockey for position with other players, strike at one another, and team up against the threats all around you.

You can attack head-on to earn the cheers of the crowd, or you can strike from behind to blindside your foes.

Your actions determine your glory in the eyes of the mob. Our game board lets you see everyone’s glory at a glance.

This fuels your attacks.
This bolsters your defense.
This powers both offense and defense.
This drives your movement around the arena.
This unleashes your special skills.

The Dice

Our special combat dice power everything in Gladiators. Each roll you make provides the resources to attack, defend, maneuver, and use lethal skills. Moment to moment, the dice show your options at a glance.

The combat system in Gladiators is simple: If you have more swords than your adversary has shields, you win. The better you win, the more wounds they suffer.

Spend dice to use skills and play cards. Your skills, cards, and special abilities help to overpower a defender or turn the tables against an attacker.

Crowd Favor

Everything you do will be seen and judged by the crowd. Your fans determine if you live forever in fame and glory, or lie broken and forgotten on the sandy ground.

Each match, one fighter will be showered with the crowd’s favor. This gladiator can get away with things that other fighters cannot. The favorite of each match is awarded extra glory.

Remember, the mob is fickle and can turn against you at any moment. Keep an eye on the Crowd Cards.

The Arena Master

Are you a veteran gladiator? Maybe you’d rather run the matches than risk your own hide. If so, you can direct the game as an Arena Master. This role is optional, but you’ll add excitement and flair to every match.

As the Arena Master, you will:

  • Determine the format of each match.
  • Direct the enemies.
  • Place traps and bonus items.
  • Make house rules.
  • Make life and death decisions.

The Gladiators


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